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the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation

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A state is a society of men established for the maintenance of peace and justice by way of force. In the American case, the US Supreme Court has defined State as a body of free persons, united for the common benefit to enjoy peaceably what is their own and to do justice to others. State is an association of human beings established for the attainment of certain goals by certain means.

The end of every organized political association is to provide defence against external enemies and to maintain peaceful and orderly relations within the association itself. The sovereign, according to Hobbes, carries two swords, – the sword of was and that of justice. The essential functions, therefore, of a modern political State are was and administration of justice.

Every organized political society which performs these two functions is a state, and none is such which does not perform them. These are the two methods by which a State fulfils its appointed purpose of establishing right and justice by physical force. It is thus a combination of right as well as might.

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