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Our specialist financial service industry experts provide fully integrated, comprehensive solutions to insurance, banking, investment management, and capital markets sectors.

We can assist you in the planning of new strategies, meeting and exceeding financial goals. In addition we'll keep you up to date on any changes in financial regulation, whilst helping you to meet customer expectations.

Contact our financial industry experts today to see how they can support your financial aspirations and help them to grow.

What are financial services?

Financial services deal with the management, investment and making of money for organisations and people.

For example: helping individuals to save for the future or even trading shares through the stock market.

The most commonly known and used financial services are banks, in which we deposit our money.

However, the money that we deposit in a bank doesn't just sit there.

Banks will use that money to lend to people who have a need for it; for example, people who are going to buy a car or a house.

The person who borrowed the money will then repay the bank that money with some interest, as an additional cost to the original loan.

However, many other organisations that are not banks will also deal with money.

Stockbrokers may be buying and selling commodities such as oil or coffee.

It is their aim to buy the product that they are trading in at a low price and then sell it at a higher price.

This is like every shop that you would find in the high street, selling it at a higher price to make a profit, however, they will not be holding the product that they are selling in a warehouse.

Some sectors of the financial services also provide the public with advice about how they could make more out of their savings.

Our Core Financial Services


High street banking services are what people most commonly think of when they think of financial services. This is where people save and deposit their money. However, is your bank doing enough for you? With greater competition in the industry, and it easier to change banks now more than ever, our experts can help you to make the most out of your savings, seeing what they can do to ensure that your finances are safe and growing so you can have a stable, prosperous future.


Expert financial advice can support organisations and individuals in a wide range of tasks. Financial advisors can assist you with due diligence on your investments, they can provide valuation services for companies, assist in real estate acquisitions, and much more. In each scenario, a financial advisor is on hand to offer advice to help guide you when making financial decisions. To see how they can support you in your financial endeavours, fill out the contact form.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is to support people in making intelligent savings, where they can see a return on their investments and savings. Our wealth managers provide advisory or discretionary investment management at competitive rates, inheritance retirement, and pension planning, a range of tax efficient products including SIPP's and ISA's. To see how our wealth management experts can assist you and help to grow your finances, get in touch today, so tomorrow is even more prosperous.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds, sometimes referred to as a hedge fund, can be a great way for you to grow your finances. Coming together as a group of people to make investments and grow your profits gives you more purchasing power. In a mutual fund, your financial contribution is managed by a fund manager, and profits are shared according to their stake in the fund. To see what mutual fund might work best for you and your finances, contact our mutual fund experts so your finances can grow.


Most people have an understanding of insurance, a system where you make regular payments and in the event that something goes wrong the insurance pays out to cover it. This can be automobile, health, life, renters or home insurance. Currently, our experts provide tax investigation insurance, if you are a business or entrepreneur it is advisable to get tax investigation insurance as investigations by HMRC are costly for everyone involved, fill in your details now and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

Commercial Banks

It has never been easier to change your high street bank than it is today. With the increased competition in the market, high street banks are fighting for your custom. There are great welcome deals out there currently, often, you will be able to find better interest rates for your savings as well if you shop about. Often, it is our loyalty to our current bank that keeps our banking with them, but are they really doing the best they can for you? Changing banks or even accounts can help.

Investment Banks

Investment banks perform two, at times conflicting, functions. Investment banking is a term often used to refer to financial advisory work. However, investment banks also manage their own account in the financial markets. Using an investment bank can be a great way to grow and improve your finances. To see how an investment bank can improve your finances and help them to grow for a more prosperous future, contact out investment banking experts today.

Insurance Companies

There are many types of insurance company, that can insure anything including automobiles, pets, life cover, homes, companies, and tax investigation insurance. Our tax investigation experts will provide oversight and support when dealing with an HMRC investigation. A compliance check can be costly and time-consuming for the company involved even when they have not broken any tax regulations. To see what our compliance experts can do for your business, contact them today.

Brokerage firms

Brokerage firms help you to buy and sell shares on the stock exchange. Buying and selling shares can be a great way to make money, either through the profit of sale or through dividends from the companies. However, all capital invested in the stock exchange is at risk. For advice and support in navigating the stock exchange our brokerage firms are on hand to help you in the buying and selling of shares, helping you get financial security; good luck in your financial endeavours.

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Planning firms

Planning firms, or wealth management firms, aim to assist you in the further accumulation of wealth so you can gain financial freedom in life. Our wealth management experts will help to guide you through the stages in life and support your financial growth. Whether you are looking for investment advice or clear financial planning, our wealth management experts can guide you to make the best choices to ensure your future financial stability and freedom.

CPA firms

Our fully Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) work in four key areas. Consulting, tax, management, and audit. Whatever your business needs concerning these our experts are on hand to help. Looking for ways to legitimately save you money and support your business as it grows. Our Certified Public Accountants are full voting members for the UK's professional regulation bodies, and so know how best to assist and support your business in its growth.

Our fully certified accountants work across a wide range of fields and can support your individual, or your business's finances, helping them to grow to increase your business's profitability or to ensure your own personal financial freedom.

Getting advice and support when dealing with the financial world is the easiest way to ensure your money is kept safe, whilst helping it to grow.

Contact our experts and specialists today to see what they can do for you.





    Financial Services FAQ's

    What are the types of financial services?

    There are 11 main types of financial services.

    1. Banking

    Banking is the most commonly known type of financial service, and it includes deposits into savings or current accounts. It also includes making loans to customers. Usually, the repayment will have interest, for example, mortgages and loans for cars.

    2. Wealth management

    This is a financial service that assists people in saving their money intelligently. It is also a service that aims to help people to make a return on their money where possible.

    3. Advisory

    Financial advisors can help organizations and people with a variety of tasks. Financial advisors can advise on any financial transaction, from purchasing real estate to buying shares on the stock exchange, or pensions advice. Some of these services are charitable or government run and free at the point of access. However, many financial services for businesses will charge a commission or fee.

    4. Insurance

    Insurance is a commonly understood procedure, you make regular payments to insure against something going wrong in a particular field. This can be life insurance, pet, car, home or even insurance against tax investigation from HMRC.

    5. Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are often called hedge funds. Where a group of investors come together and allow someone else to manage their money to generate a profit. Often the buy-in for a mutual fund is less than people expect and can be a good way for you to make the most out of your money.

    6. Investment Banks

    Investment banks invest on behalf of their own account as well as providing their customers with financial advice. This can sometimes lead to conflict. However, investment banking can be a good way to make the most out of your finances.

    7. Commercial Banks

    Commercial, or high street banks, are the most widely known financial service. They will handle anything from your current or savings account. To making you loans that are repayable interest, for example, to buy a home or car.

    8. Brokerage firms

    Brokerage firms allow you to buy and sell shares on the stock market.

    9. Insurance Companies

    There is a lot of competition in the insurance industry, as a result, there are lots of insurance firms that can provide insurance for almost anything including, but not limited to life cover, pet insurance, home or health insurance.

    10. CPA firms

    Chartered Professional Accounting firms will deal with four main things, auditing, taxes, consultancy, and management.

    11. Planning firms

    Planning firms are in essence wealth management firms, they will assist you through the stages in life, offering advice on investment and pension, to help you achieve financial freedom.

    What do financial services include?

    Financial services are services that are provided by the finance industry and are inclusive of, but not limited to banks, credit unions, credit card companies, accountancy companies, insurance companies, stock brokerages, consumer-finance companies, investment funds and so on.

    What percentage of UK GDP are financial services?

    In 2017, 6.5% of the UK's economy was financial services, which accounted for £119 billion.

    What are the types of finance?

    There are two main types of finance.

    1. Equity finance, which is the investment of your own finances, or the investment of money from stakeholders for partial ownership.
    2. Debt finance, which is money that has been borrowed from a third party or external financer, inclusive of, but not limited to banks.
    What are the best jobs in finance?

    The top 10 paying jobs in the financial sector are as follows.

    1. Hedge fund manager (£145-£237k)
    2. Private Equity Analyst (£91k)
    3. Analyst, Investment banking division (£79k)
    4. Investment Bank, Sales, and trading (£100-£108k)
    5. Quantative Risk Management (£65-£80k)
    6. Regulatory Reporting Accounting (£74k)
    7. Financial Services - Internal Auditor (£74k)
    8. Private banking relationship manager in Singapore (£52 - 77k)
    9. Product Advisory, Compliance (£48- £80k)
    10. Actuary (£60 - £88k)
    What does UK finance do?

    UK Finance is the trade association set up for the UK Financial Services and banking sectors, it was formed on 1 July 2017.

    It was formed when the UK Cards Association and the Asset Based Finance Association, Payments UK, British Bankers' Association and the Council of Mortgage Lenders merged to become one entity.