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Whether your business is large or small, HMRC has been employing a new range of tactics to ensure that businesses are paying the correct amount of tax.

Tax Investigation Insurance provides you with professional, expert defense in the event that HMRC investigate you or your business to ensure tax compliance.

Our tax consultants will be with you from the beginning to the end, dealing with HMRC for you so you don't have to deal with the stress or worry.

Businesses both large and small across the UK are being subject to a wave of action from HMRC.

HMRC are conducting more spot checks and providing more tax amnesties than ever before.

The 'Taxman' is employing a wide range of new tactics aimed at ensuring companies are paying the correct amount in taxes.

Even if your business is paying it's taxes correctly if HMRC launches an investigation into your business it can be time-consuming and costly for your business.

Furthermore, appealing against HMRC decisions can be a costly and long process.

Tax Investigation Insurance will support your business should it come under investigation from HMRC, taking the worry and stress out of it.

You will receive support from taxation experts and under the Tax Investigation Insurance those same experts will conduct all of the communication with HMRC, ensuring that there are no errors being made that could result in further fines.

What is HMRC doing to combat tax evasion?

So as to recover revenue that has been lost through tax evasion in the UK, HMRC has started to run a range of crackdowns on professions that it believes that tax evasion has been rife, or into industries that it feels could result in 'easy wins'.

Before HMRC launched its crackdowns into certain professions it also provided 'tax amnesties'.

For example, 'The Plumbers Tax Safe Plan', allowed plumbers an opportunity to declare in full their income and accept much more lenient fines from HMRC.

For those who decided not to partake in the scheme, they received warnings that they could face much stiffer fines if they were found to be making fraudulent or incorrect declarations.

Now that the amnesty has ended, HMRC has commenced in the promised tax crackdown, now hundreds of plumbers are looking at being investigated.

Some plumbers are also facing prosecution and perhaps even a prison sentence.

Be aware that HMRC is not just focussing on plumbers.

Whether you are an individual taxpayer, director or business owner it is possible that HMRC will launch an investigation into you or your business and their tax affairs.

In every sector and walk of life, people should be aware that they can come under investigation by HMRC and take steps to protect themselves and minimise any risks to themselves or their businesses.

HMRC Investigation

8 reasons why HMRC may decide to investigate your business for tax purposes.

Why should I get tax investigation insurance?

Even though your business may not be evading taxes, an investigation by HMRC is time consuming and costly for the business being investigated.

By getting Tax Investigation Insurance you are ensuring that in the event of an investigation your business will receive professional support and representation when dealing with HMRC.

Tax Investigation Insurance will relieve you of the stress and worry of a compliance check by HMRC; leaving you secure and safe in the knowledge that when dealing with HMRC everything is done correctly, so you won't have to worry about fines and penalties.

What do I get?

Initial free consultation from our compliance experts

All claims are handled by tax revenue professionals

Advice and ongoing support from our in house experts

All contact with HMRC dealt with by our tax professionals

Full income and corporation tax inquiry protection

VAT and Employer Compliance (PAYE) representation

What are the benefits of Tax Investigation Insurance?

Get your business covered with tax investigation insurance today to begin to enjoy all of these benefits, as well as peace of mind.

An HMRC compliance check can cost up to £5,000 for a business in accountancy fees and has been known to last up to 16 months.

Tax Investigation insurance covers these costs and gives you advice and support when you most need it.

You will automatically be insured against these costs, and receive ongoing support and advice should a tax investigation be launched by HMRC.

Tax Investigation Insurance FAQ's

How long does a tax investigation take?

For a tax investigation to reach its conclusion the time it takes can vary, however it has been known for a tax investigation to take as long as 16 months.

How far back can a tax investigation go?

Normally, the time limit for HMRC tax investigation is 4 years. However, this can go as far back as 6 years if they can see clear carelessness when submitting your tax return.

How long can HMRC keep an Enquiry open?

If you have filed your tax return on or before the deadline then HMRC has 12 months to notify you that it will be investigating you. However, if you have filed your tax return late, HMRC has 15 months from the date that you filed your return to launch their investigation.

Can HMRC go back more than 20 years?

If HMRC believe that you have been deliberately false in your tax returns then they can go back 20 years.

However, if they beleive that the errors you made in tax return have been innocent then they can go back 4 years.

Sometimes they are allowed to go back 6 years, they will do this if they think that you have been deliberately careless in your tax return.

Can I go to jail for tax evasion?

Yes, in the UK you can face a maximum of 7 years imprisonment with a limitless fine for tax evasion.

Does the taxman check bank accounts?

Yes. Financial institutions such as banks have to make reports to HMRC about the interest paid on things like bank accounts, investments and savings.

They can use this information to make sure that the expenses on your return match with your electronic information.