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Whether you are a UK or non-UK national, have backpacked around the UK, complete a self-assessment tax return, are a landlord, work in the construction industry, it is likely that at some point you have overpaid your taxes, we can claim these back for you.

Your tax returns made simple...

It does not matter what type of business you have, whether it is a limited company, sole-trader or partnership, it is essential that you declare your income and complete your tax returns and file them to HMRC so that they know how much tax they are owed.

Failure to do this can lead to hefty fines, as well as interest being accrued on said fines, this will then have to be paid to HMRC on top of the tax that is owed. As you can see, it is very important that you have a system in place to make sure that the payments are made on time.

When your tax affairs are organised you have the benefit of time too, giving you the time to ensure you pay everything you owe at the right time and avoid fines.

Why not contact one of our tax specialists who can talk you through the dates, penalties and deadlines and support you in filing your returns on time?

Completing Tax Returns

Tax returns can be very complicated for people, we would suggest that you seek professional support in completing them.

Unless your business model makes them very straightforward.

Seek Professional Help With Your Tax Returns.

There are many advantages to be gained by getting professional help when completing your tax returns; from greater peace of mind to reduced costs.

If you choose to use us to handle your tax affairs there are many benefits, some of which are:

  • Our professionals will make sure that your returns are accurate, correct and completed on time. Giving you peace of mind.
  • HMRC will launch an investigation into any company or business that they have suspicions raised on their tax returns. HMRC have ways of viewing discrepancies in a tax return and then investigating it. Any errors that could be made in a tax return will trigger an investigation. Using our professionals you will minimise the chances of being investigated by HMRC.
  • Our advisers are professional, and have filed many tax returns before, by enabling them to do your tax returns for you they can do it quicker and save you valuable time.
  • Many business owners just aren’t aware of how much tax they can claim back, and often under claim. Our advisers are experts in their fields and often will be able to find a way to save you more money. There are lots of types of expenditure that you are able to reclaim from HMRC, our advisers know what can be claimed and how to do it.

What Is The Process?

There is much more to the whole process than just filing a form, when we complete your tax return we do so much more for you.

Firstly, we will look at your accounts to ensure they are correct and complete.

This is important as the information gained from your accounts is what we will use to begin the tax calculation and file your tax return.

When everyone is satisfied that the accounts are complete and correct we take a look at the wider business.

What is it your company does? Where does it make expenditure?

Then we will draw up a list of recommendations for where you can claim money back in taxes, reducing the amount you pay to HMRC and hopefully making you a saving overall.

This work is then checked by other experts to ensure that no errors have been made.

We will then send a copy of this to you for your approval, then send it to HMRC.

A very straightforward process, using our experts to minimise your workload and make you tax savings.

Why not contact our experts and see what savings they can make you today?

Tax Rebates For Non UK Nationals

Non UK Nationals under the PAYE scheme may be entitled to a tax rebate.

A third of workers in the UK are entitled to tax rebate.

Many of these are Non UK Nationals who work in the UK.

If you are paid under the PAYE system, your employer will make deductions from your wages, whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly.

Lots of Non-UK Nationals in the UK have been overpaying tax through this system and are not aware of it.

For you to reclaim your tax on you need to file a tax return, then you can claim a tax rebate.

People can claim tax back if they have:

  • Had work related expenditure, for travel or clothing.
  • You weren’t employed for the whole of the tax year, which runs from April to April.
  • You lost your job, or were made redundant.
  • You were taxed under an emergency tax code.
  • When you are applying for a tax rebate you will need either your P60 or P45, you will also need to provide any information you have of work related expenses, such as tools or other equipment, work vehicles, any professional fees or subscriptions, travel and overnight expenses.

A third of people in the UK are entitled to a tax return for these things and more.

Our experts have reclaimed tax for thousands of people each and every year.

So please contact us and our experts might be able to reclaim some for you.

UK Tax Returns Services for Self Assessment

All self-employed people living in the UK are legally obliged to complete and return a tax return and file it with HMRC, this process must be completed for every year that you remain self employed.

Although, this is a requirement that is not just for those who are self-employed.

There are other reasons that you may have to complete a self assessment tax return.

Some of those reasons are outlined below, these can be:

  • If you receive income from any rented properties or other rental incomes.
  • If you receive any income from overseas that may also be taxable under UK law.
  • If you are eligible or have incurred what are known as ‘allowable’ expenses related to your employment of more than £2,500.

Company Directors also have to complete a self assessment tax return:

  • If your partner is in receipt of child benefit and you earn over £50,000 each year.
  • If all of your combined income totals more than £100,000 each year.
  • If you receive what is know as an investment income, of over £10,000 a year.

Your tax return must be completed and submitted on time, otherwise HMRC will subject you to their strict late filing penalties and you may accrue interest on the amount owed as well as having to pay a fine.

Tax Rebates For UK Backpackers

Have you been backpacking or are backpacking around the UK?

If you have been, then it is likely you are owed a tax rebate.

Whilst working in the UK, whether it was full or part time, if it was for a UK employer, it is likely your were taxed under the PAYE system which assumes that your wages are what you will be receiving each month.

It is also likely that you did not work the full tax year, which runs from the 6th of April to the 5th of April each year. This means that there was most likely too much tax taken by HMRC and you are owed a tax rebate.

Some of the reasons people are eligible for tax rebates if they have backpacked or travelled through the UK whilst working are:

  • If you did not spend the whole tax year working in the UK.
  • If you arrived in the middle of, or left before the end of the UK tax year you could have paid too much tax. For example, you arrived on the 31st July 2017 and left on the 2nd February 2018 you could be entitled to a tax rebate.
  • You worked multiple jobs in the tax year. If you changed jobs, or left employment then you may be entitled to a tax rebate.
  • You lost your job or were made redundant.
  • You were living in the UK before the tax year started however you left before the tax year ended.
  • You payed a higher tax rate than you should have under the PAYE system.

If you feel that you might be owed any tax back, why not contact our experts? Just fill in the quick form and we’ll get right back to you.

Tax Returns Made… Simple

Construction Workers Industry Scheme Tax Returns

Learn more about our Construction Industry Scheme service.

Our experts can help if you are working in the construction industry here in the UK.

Your employment status may be employed or self-employed, or you may be either a contractor or sub-contractor.

Our Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) experts can support any classification of worker working within construction in the UK.

Our CIS experts will look into what you are spending for work and therefore can reclaim in tax.

Whether it’s your website, materials, telephone/internet, wages, advertising, travel, accountancy, fees, tools and much more.

Non UK Residents Tax Returns Service

Are you a Non UK resident but live and work in the UK?

HMRC taxes non-resident very differently to residents in the UK.

To assess whether you are a resident or non-resident there is a UK residence test, which should help to clarify things for you.

As of the 2013/14 tax year the rules changed for what makes someone a resident of the UK.

However, to be a ‘tax resident’ of the UK you will have spent more than 183 days in the UK for that tax year, this is the same for the rules before 2013.

Other things can affect your status as a UK tax resident, some of the are outlined below:

  • If you have a home in the UK, and where you home is.
  • Where you work; is it the UK or abroad?
  • If you have other ties to the UK, such as family.
  • The amount of time you spend in the UK in comparison with other countries.
  • What your residential status in the UK was in previous tax years.
  • If you are an EEA (European Economic Area), or a UK resident you are still able to claim a personal tax allowance, in the time of writing, 2018, this is £11,850.

Be aware that any form of income will be covered by this, whether it is salary, wages, or rental income, and after that your tax is worked out based on earnings, and the rates vary.

If you are not sure whether or not you need to file a tax return, or need some support in doing this, please contact one of experts and they can talk you through how they can help you.


Tax Returns For UK Landlords

Are you a UK Landlord?


If you are a UK landlord it is likely that at some point you have paid too much tax, we can overpaid taxes back for you.

Enter now
Tax Returns For Non UK Landlords

Are you a non UK resident Landlord?


If you rent property in the UK and yet live overseas, it is possible you are paying too much tax, see how you can make savings.

Take a look

Tax Back for Landlords

Are you a UK Landlord?

If you are a UK Landlord, or make any rental income, whether it be from caravans, parking, or properties, you are obliged to file and annual tax return.

This needs to be submitted to HMRC before the 31st October, if you choose to submit it in paper, or before the 31st January of you choose to file it electronically.

Contact our experts who can aid you in this process and ensure you are claiming all the taxes you are entitled to back.

Are you a non-UK resident Landlord?

If you gain any rental income from the UK but do not live here, or have a non-resident status in the UK, you must still pay taxes on any rental income you gain from your properties or any other rental income you receive.

Speak to our experts so that they can guide you through this process and work with you to make as many savings in tax as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Returns

Do you get tax back?

If you have overpaid tax to HMRC, you can complete a tax return and once it is processed you will receive a tax rebate.

You can still claim tax back if you have not completed a tax return, just phone HMRC and they can refund tax back into your next pay.

What does tax rebate mean?

A tax rebate is a refund of taxes that have been overpaid.

How long does a CIS tax rebate take?

On average, a CIS refund claims can take between 8-10 weeks. It depends on how long it takes HMRC to process the CIS refund claim.

How long does a tax refund take in the UK?

It can take HMRC up to 12 weeks to process your tax refund claim and can take another 5 days to 5 weeks before you get the tax back.

Is a tax rebate automatic?

You will receive a P800 letter from HMRC if you are owed a tax rebate, yet you will not necessarily receive this money without applying for it.

You can make a claim that covers several years of overpaid tax.

How do I claim a tax rebate?

In the event that you have been unemployed for four weeks or more.

Step 1 - To claim a tax refund you will need to file form P50. This will have to be sent to HMRC, you will also need to send parts 2 and 3 of your P45. Step 2 - It is sensible to call HMRC before you file the P50 form in case you need to provide any extra information. HMRC's contact number is 0300 200 3300 Step 3 - to download the P50 form you can visit GOV.UK.

How long does it take HMRC to process a tax return?

It takes HMRC, on average between 8 and 10 weeks to process a tax return.

It can take a further 5 days to 5 weeks before you receive any overpaid taxes back.

How long will a new tax credit claim take to process?

HMRC's target for processing Child Benefit and Tax Credit claims and any changes to these is currently set at 22 working days, so somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks.

However, it is possible that they will complete it before this.

How long does a tax rebate take online?

HMRC will normally have sent any tax refunds within 5 weeks of a claim being made online.

If you have made a claim by post, a refund will usually be with you before 6 weeks, however, in both cases, it can take much longer. You should wait 5 and 6 weeks respectively before contacting them.

Does emergency tax get refunded automatically?

Normally emergency tax will be refunded automatically through your payroll or pension.

Firstly, you should contact HMRC and query your tax code, they will then issue you with a new one and the tax refunded will either be as cash into your next pay, or you paying less tax to HMRC so that you can get the money back.

How much is a uniform tax rebate?

It is often dependent on the industry you work in.

However, the FREA (flat rate expense allowance) is currently set at £60 for uniform maintenance.

So if you are a basic rate taxpayer, you can claim back 20% of that £60, which is £12. Higher rate taxpayers can claim back 40% of the £60 which is £24.

How long does it take for a uniform tax rebate?

It usually takes HMRC between 4 and 12 weeks to issue a refund once you have made your claim.

However, it can take longer due to holiday and tax deadlines creating a backlog of work for HMRC. Due to these factors, HMRC can have a mail queue exceeding 3 months. /p>