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Gone are the days when food, clothing and shelter provided for all the needs of man. Today, one can clearly see the emergence of what is called the welfare state, where man needs many other things. Amongst others, what he needs are rights, rights which are recognized and enforced by the Courts of law.

In all civilized societies, law consists of those principles in accordance with which justice is administered by the State, and that administration of justice has behind it the physical power of the State, for the purpose of enforcing rights and punishing the wrongdoers for violations. It follows, therefore, the every right involved a title or a source from which that right is derived. The word title may be understood as the de facto antecedent of which the right is the de jure consequence.

The concept of a right is a fundamental significance in modern legal theory, because one cannot live without rights which are recognized and enforced at law.

The act is right or just because it promotes some form of human interest; therefore, if any act is wrong or unjust, it means that human interests are prejudicially affected by it. It means a form of human conduct which the law takes into account and it has an influence upon the interests of others. Those interests which thus receive recognition and protection are called rights. Every man who has a right to anything has an interest in it also, but he may have an interest without having a right. Therefore, a right is an interest, the violation of which is a wrong.


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