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As a business grows, the payroll function can become time consuming and stressful.

Our HMRC compliant payroll experts can take the stress and time out of this, saving you and your company money.

Just tell us the rates of pay and the hours worked and we'll do the rest.

Managed Payroll

Save you and your company time and money by outsourcing your payroll to our payroll experts.

Our payroll experts offer bespoke payroll services, from fully managed payroll to part managed, whatever suits you and your business best.


Outsource your payroll to us, saving you time and money to invest in your business

As a business grows, so does the payroll function of the business.

Sometimes this can become a large and unwieldy part of the company.

Hiring an in house payroll team can cost businesses a lot of money in wages and benefits, that is why many businesses choose to outsource their payroll to payroll experts who can either fully or part manage the payroll function of a business.

At Payroll Heaven, we know that each business is different, and each employee will have different needs, that is why we offer bespoke payroll services to businesses, ensuring your employees and HMRC are paid correctly and on time, leaving you to focus on what important, your business.

You choose the system that best suits your business, whether it is fully managed or part managed payroll.

Outsourcing your payroll to us can include:

  • Direct contact with your dedicated payroll manager.
  • Online payments and payslips.
  • Distributing the payslips for you.
  • In depth analysis and reporting.
  • Setting up the payroll system and testing it.
  • Training and support with the payroll software.
  • Processing and data entry.
  • Production of payslips and documents.
  • Faster BACS payments.
  • EOY figures.
  • Integration and working with the systems you have in place.
  • Ongoing comprehensive payroll training and support.

Why outsource your payroll to Payroll Heaven?

For any company payroll is a vitally important function, however payroll errors can and do occur in many companies quite frequently.

The knock-on effect of payroll errors to your employees and their productivity can be substantial.

Lots of companies find it difficult to keep abreast of changes to taxation legislation and tax codes, automatic pension enrollment or paying student loans.

By outsourcing your payroll to our accredited payroll experts they can use their expertise to put processes in place to ensure these errors are not made.

Moreover, by outsourcing your businesses payroll function to Payroll Heaven, our accredited payroll experts will be saving time and money, as it works out cheaper than having your own payroll department.

This you can then invest into your company, helping it to grow.

Our specialist payroll experts offer bespoke payroll services, they are secure, and we can either fully or part manage your payroll for you.

You can discuss this with them to decide which option works best for you.

Bespoke Payroll Services

We offer bespoke payroll services to support your business with its needs.

We can fully manage your payroll services, or manage as little of your payroll services as you want.

We only charge you for what we do, without any hidden extra costs.

Save Money And Time

As a business grows so does the payroll function, it can take up valuable time and money as you will often have to employ a payroll department.

Outsourcing your payroll to us will save you money in the long run, and give you more time to focus on your business.

Secure Services

When you outsource your payroll to us our specialist payroll experts will be using state of the art technology which will protect your employees data.

We already have the software in place that will be able to protect your business and your employees.

Pay HMRC and Staff on correctly and on time

Here at Payroll Heaven we understand that every business is unique, therefore we will make sure to provide you with the payroll solutions that best fit your business.

We offer bespoke payroll services, from part managed to fully managed payroll solutions.

Our accredited payroll experts will be using their expertise and technology to ensure that your payroll is done quickly and correctly every time.

Moreover, you will have direct access to your dedicated payroll manager who you will be able to contact in working hours.

Talk to our accredited payroll experts to see what they can do for your business.


Payroll couldn't be any easier, because we'll do it for you.

We offer to completely manage your payroll function, which will provide you all of the benefits of having a payroll department, but you won't have to pay any overheads or bear the responsibility, we'll do it for you.

If you want to be focusing on your core business, and do not have the time or resources to run your own payroll department, or are looking to make cut backs and save money, our fully managed payroll services could be the right choice for you.

We will ensure that your employees are being paid correctly every time, which will strengthen your working relationship with them, as they are being paid correctly each time.

We will be your payroll department.

If you outsource your payroll to us at Payroll Heaven we will fully manage it, ensuring you meet all of your obligations, to HMRC and to your employees, whether that is paying them correctly, paying back their student loan or automatically enrolling them in their pension.

We will do all the work, from the data input to making the payments. It is a way to remove all the stress from the situation.

You will not need on site payroll software, you will not have to manage or pay the overheads for an internal payroll department, you will be getting all of the benefits of a payroll department without having to bear the responsibility or pay the overheads.

All you need to do is send us the payroll information, we can do the rest.

By completely outsourcing your payroll and opting for a fully managed payroll service you will save yourself a lot of time and money, meaning you can focus on what you are good at, running your business.

Let our accredited payroll specialists take care of your payroll, whatever the size of your workforce, whether it is 10 or 10,000, we can handle it.

Bespoke Payroll Services

We listen to our clients, offering bespoke payroll services that actually fit with what their company needs,working with you to add value to your organisation.

Saving Time And Money

We streamline the payroll function of your company saving you money and time which you can then spend on what your good at, running your core business.

Improved Accuracy

Our accredited payroll experts will run the payroll for you, improving accuracy and ensuring that you are HMRC compliant, avoiding fines and disgruntled employees.

Key Features of Fully managed Payroll Services

Payroll Heaven will completely run your payroll function, essentially becoming your payroll department.

As such, we will make sure that you meet all your payroll obligations, whether that is being HMRC compliant, automatic pension enrollment, paying student loans and making sure your employees are paid on time through BACS payments.

Inclusive in our service you will find:

  • Payments to employees and HMRC
  • Online payslips
  • Data input
  • Direct access to your payroll manager
  • We will set up the payroll system
  • Audited and validated calculations

Payroll couldn't be easier. If your interested in outsourcing your payroll, contact our team to see what they can do for you.

By outsourcing your payroll completely to us at Payroll Heaven you will it will give you more time and money to invest into your core business.

So, let our accredited payroll specialists look after your payroll.

We know that accuracy in payroll can be very emotive for your workforce, and that it can reflect on your business.

Therefore, we will make sure that they receive their payslips at the right time, and we will ensure that your staff are paid correctly, on time, every time.


Our accredited Payroll experts will provide you with state of the art payroll software for you to input your payroll.

This software will help you to calculate gross to net and provide you with in depth reports.

Whilst at the same time Payroll Heaven will complete the time consuming processes for you.

Whilst your payroll is partly-managed by you having the software to input data yourself, you will still be able to directly contact our accredited payroll experts for support.

Whilst most of the time consuming, routine things of payroll will be done off site by us, you will still maintain some control of the process as well as inputting the payroll data.

State of the Art Payroll Software With Professional Payroll Support

Using our partly managed payroll service will let you retain some control of the payroll process by having the software in house, and our dedicated and accredited payroll professionals will be on hand to support you.

By outsourcing the most time consuming parts of the payroll to us, you will still have the control over the payroll input, you will have to do the gross to net calculations, our accredited payroll experts will do the rest.

Safe Data Handling

Our payroll teams operate with state of the art technology, ensuring that your company and employees data are safe.

Reclaim Time

We'll do the time consuming jobs like processing the payroll, paying HMRC, your employees, pensions and provide payslips.

Saving Money

We will pay the licensing on expensive payroll software as well as save you money on employing a payroll department.

What might you have to do?

Our accredited Payroll experts will provide you with the appropriate software and also provide full training and on going support with this.

However, under a part-managed payroll service with Payroll Heaven you would still have responsibilities.

As we provide bespoke payroll services the responsibilities will differ from business to business.

Your responsibilities could include:

Agreeing processing schedules and giving deadline dates for each year.

Each day you could have to:

  • Give and keep up an accurate list of current signatories and authorised contacts
  • Inputting payroll information
  • Conducting accuracy checks on inputted data
  • Submitting payroll to our payroll team by the deadlines
  • Providing a leavers list so we can issue P45's
  • Making sure that all staff are legally allowed to work in the UK

In relation to BACS you could have to:

  • Give authorisation for our accredited payroll teams to make BACS payments to your employees.
    If the authorisation is not received in time it could lead to your employees being paid late.
  • Make certain that the signatories for BACS payments are available on the correct dates.
  • Make all non BACS payments.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to agree BACS limits with their sponsoring bank and make sure that any payments are inside the agreed limit.
  • Making BACS recalls for individuals where necessary
  • Ensure that your RTI information is correct before you send it to our accredited payroll teams.
  • Provide authorisation for our accredited payroll teams to then send the RTI information to HMRC, in the event that authorisation is not required a disclaimer will need to be completed.
  • Provide us the year end information in time for us to complete your final RTI submission for the tax year.

You may not have to do all of these things, we provide customised payroll solutions for our clients, yet these may be some of your responsibilities.

Key features of Part Managed Payroll Services

Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.

Whilst you will still retain some control, we will manage all of the complex payroll processes for you making sure they are done securely, safely and on time.

Our services can include:

  • Making Payments and online payslips.
  • Direct access to your payroll manager.
  • Reporting.
  • Making BACS payments.
  • Distributing the payslips.

Ensure full HMRC compliance

For amazing projects

For avoiding any problems

Integration and implementation

We will work with your current systems to integrate ours with them, making the implementation of our part managed payroll service easy for all concerned.

To talk through your options with one of our payroll specialists, and find the part managed payroll package that best suits you and your company, just get in touch via the contact form.





    Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Payroll

    Should I get part managed or fully managed payroll outsourcing?

    Each business is unique. One business may need their payroll to be fully outsourced whilst one may not.

    It may also be due to whether the management team of a company want to retain some control over the payroll process or if they are happy with outsourcing the responsibility but still having direct access to a payroll team.

    If you can't decide whether you should use part managed or fully managed payroll, contact our accredited payroll experts and they can talk through your options with you and develop a bespoke package that suits your needs.

    Are your payroll services suitable for all industries?

    Yes. Our accredited payroll professionals are able to provide payroll services for all businesses.

    They have the expertise and knowledge to assist businesses of all sizes and types with their payroll requirements.

    Will my employees and my companies data be safe?

    Our dedicated, professional and accredited payroll teams use the latest technology and firewalls to protect your and your employees data.

    They have developed advanced security procedures to ensure that all client data is kept safe.

    Do I still have to deal with HMRC when I have outsourced payroll?

    It is the responsibility of every business to ensure that they are HMRC compliant.

    However, we will work with you to help ensure that you and employees are compliant, in terms of payroll, income tax, and National Insurance.

    How much does your payroll services cost?

    Each business has different requirements. That is why our payroll experts work with you to create a package that works, whether it is fully managed or part managed payroll services.

    Naturally then, the cost will vary from business to business.

    However, we work hard to ensure that you can save money and time, otherwise, what would be the point in outsourcing your payroll to us?