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Forensic Accounting, financial forensics or forensic accountancy is the area of accountancy that investigates a company or business if there is an anticipated or actual disagreement or any litigation.

When the term ‘forensic’ is applied to accountancy, it means that it can be used in a court of law. It also means that it it meets a certain standard that is expected in the field of forensic accounting. It will often be the forensic accountant that will provide expert evidence when the issue is at trial in court. Many of the largest accountant companies, as well as HMRC, the police and perhaps some smaller accountancy business will have specialised forensic accountancy teams. Some forensic accountants, also sometimes called investigative auditors or forensic auditors, may also specialise in certain fields, for example personal injury, fraud, construction, anti-money laundering, insurance claims or construction.

Wherever there may be a dispute between businesses or business partners, or perhaps HMRC has concerns over the taxes of your business and launches an investigation, it is the forensic accountancy teams that will be called upon to investigate what has been going on, they are specialist and they may also give evidence at trial in the law courts.

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