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Definition: Information


Quick Summary of Information

Facts provided or learned about something or someone.

What is the dictionary definition of Information?

Dictionary Definition

  1. Things that are or can be known about a given topic; communicable knowledge of something.
  2. The act of informing or imparting knowledge; notification.
  3. legal A statement of criminal activity brought before a judge or magistrate; in the UK, used to inform a magistrate of an offence and request a warrant; in the US, an accusation brought before a judge without a grand jury indictment.

Full Definition of Information

Data that is:

  1. Timely and accurate,
  2. specific and organised for a purpose,
  3. presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and
  4. can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty.

Information is valuable because it can affect behaviour, a decision, or an outcome.

For example, if a manager is told his/her company’s net profit decreased in the past month, he/she may use this information as a reason to cut financial spending for the next month.

A piece of information is considered valueless if, after receiving it, things remain unchanged.

For a technical definition of information see information theory.

As well as having its ordinary meaning, ‘an information’ is a document laid before a justice (usually a Magistrate) with a view to beginning criminal proceedings. In theory, an information may be laid by anybody but, in practice, this action will be taken by the police (technically by the Chief Constable or his representative). If the information is sound, the magistrate will issue a summons or, in certain cases, an arrest warrant. Technically, an information is laid under oath.

Examples of Information in a sentence

The university imparts information, but it imparts it imaginatively.
He passed on any interesting snippets of information he could glean from his colleagues.
The manager of the local supermarket had one of his busiest days ever earlier this week, because the system was down, leaving him the responsibility of recording sales information.

Synonyms For Information

data, details, intelligence, info, knowledge

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