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In marketing and advertising, Reach defines the number of people that you can reach with a particular medium or media property. A minimum usage threshold may be set to define who is included.

Examples of Reach

The reach of a television program is defined by the number of people who tune in to watch. Reach is often defined as ‘people who watched more than x minutes in a week’.

For example, BARB in the UK defines TV reach as those who watch at least 3 minutes a week, while RAJAR defines radio reach as those who listen to at least 5 minutes a week.

The reach of newspapers and magazines are normally defined by their circulation figures, which define the readership of the publication are audited by industry bodies to ensure accuracy and common reporting methodologies.

Reach for websites is usually defined as the number of unique users that site has been accessed by. The underlying data is found in the web server logs and was traditionally reported in that format by publishers. Media planners intending to make advertising buys will normally prefer to rely on the statistics provided by tracking services such as those provided by ComScore Media Metrix, Nielsen, Hitwise or Compete.

In the digital economy, the complete model for understanding and analyzing a website’s interaction with its customers is called the Reach Engagement Monetization model.

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