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Quick Summary of B2B

Commerce that takes place between businesses, for example, wholesale selling. This is to be distinguished from B2C, or business-to-consumer commerce.

What is the dictionary definition of B2B?

Dictionary Definition

B2B stands for business to business and is most frequently used to describe transactions between companies, for example in a supply chain, or from a manufacturer to a distributor. B2B is used in this context to distinguish it from B2C, which stands for business to consumer or customer.

Full Definition of B2B

B2B is an abbreviation for business-to-business. B2B describes a commercial activity as being targeted toward business entities rather than consumers. B2B is usually contrasted with B2C, or business-to-consumer. For instance, in the franchising industry, most business concepts were once B2C establishments such as fast food, but the B2B entity is no longer ignored as a franchising concept, especially since there are now many investors who would rather not deal with the consumer.

A B2B directory is a directory that provides a list of firms that provide services targeted strictly to other businesses. For instance, The Black Book is a B2B directory for the creative industry. Entries in this B2B directory include studios and sound stages, casting services and modelling agencies, stylists and props providers, and other services related to music, television, and film production. All these firms operate primarily or entirely B2B.

B2B is also used to describe internal company communications, especially over the internet. B2B is also used in this context to distinguish it from B2C as a company might have social media-type communication with both customers and employees.

Examples of B2B in a sentence

In March 2019 a report considered the importance of social media in B2B marketing. Observed behaviour appeared to dispel the myth that social media were more relevant to B2C environments.
That office furniture company specializes in business-to-business sales, and they do not offer products to the general public.
The company’s B2B advertising has proven to be very effective, with an increase of fifty per cent in sales over the past two years.

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