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Zoning is the system of specifying that certain activities may only be carried out in particular areas.

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Dictionary Definition

  • legal Legislative action for the purpose of regulating the use of property and the construction of buildings within the area under the jurisdiction of the legislative body concerned.

The system of specifying that certain activities may only be carried out in particular areas.

Some activities may cause harmful externalities, by emitting noise, smells, dust, pollution, or by attracting heavy traffic.

Zoning tries to minimise the harm done by such activities, by concentrating them in areas where they will do the least damage, and by separating them from residential, commercial, or amenity areas.

Full Definition of Zoning

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential, industrial) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited.

Zoning is a method by which a government (usually a city or county government) specifies how property and land may be used. Zoning separates industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential areas from each other. Residential areas may be further zoned into single-family homes and rental complexes. However, certain combinations of zoning may occur in some areas, such as commercial and residential properties. One purpose of zoning is to control the uses of property; for example, to keep environmentally harmful industries away from residential homes. It can also assure aesthetics in residential areas. Zoning regulates population density and building size. Zoning is not done just once; rather, an area of land may be re-zoned at a later date to reflect changing priorities.

  • Zoning allows local governments to control which regions of their jurisdiction may have real estate or land used for specific purposes.
  • Residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and hotel/hospitality zoning classes are examples of zoning classifications, among other more precise designations.
  • Local governments can amend zoning regulations as long as they comply with state and federal laws, and a specific plot of property can be rezoned based on consideration.

Examples of Zoning in a sentence

The laws dividing cities into different areas according to use, from single-family residences to industrial plants. Zoning ordinances control the size, location, and use of buildings within these different areas.

Synonyms For Zoning

physical planning
urban development
urban planning
town planning
urban design

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