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Definition: Recordable Offence

Recordable Offence

Full Definition of Recordable Offence

A criminal offence for which the police are empowered to hold national records of offenders.

The following are currently recordable:

  • any offence punishable by imprisonment;
  • offences related to prostitution;
  • malicious communication; ‘improper use’ of the public telecommunications system;
  • tampering with a motor vehicle;
  • certain offences relating to inadequate care of children;
  • certain offences relating to shotguns and airguns;
  • certain offences relating to poaching for game;
  • offences relating to public drunkenness;
  • certain offences relating to the management of a licensed premises;
  • falsely claiming a professional qualification;
  • impersonating a police constable;
  • certain public order offences, e.g., failing to give notice of a procession;
  • allowing alcohol to be supplied at sporting events where it is prohibited;
  • having a bladed weapon or crossbow in public.

A more detailed list may be found in Butterworths (p56-7).

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