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Definition: Provision

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A liability of uncertain timing or amount.

What is the dictionary definition of Provision?

Dictionary Definition

  1. An item of goods or supplies, especially food, obtained for future use.
  2. The act of providing, or making previous preparation.
  3. Money set aside for a future event.


  • An article, clause, or stipulation in an agreement, contract, deed, instrument, or statute that explains a specific condition, effect, implication, qualification, or requirement.
  • To resource/source


Full Definition of Provision

1. the action of providing or supplying something for use.
“new contracts for the provision of services

Similar: supplying, supply, providing, purveying, delivery, furnishing, equipping, giving, donation, allocation, distribution, presentation

2. An amount or thing supplied or provided.
“changing levels of transport provision”

Similar: facilities, services, amenities, resource(s), equipment, arrangements, solutions, means, offering, funds, benefits, assistance, allowance(s), concession(s), opportunities

1. supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey.
“civilian contractors were responsible for provisioning these armies”
2. set aside an amount in an organization’s accounts for a known liability.
“financial institutions have to provision against loan losses”


Provision FAQ's

What is the meaning of provision?

Provision is a clause in a legal instrument, a law, etc., providing for a particular matter; stipulation; proviso. the providing or supplying of something, especially of food or other necessities. arrangement or preparation beforehand, as for the doing of something, the meeting of needs, the supplying of means, etc.

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