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Definition: Markup


Quick Summary of Markup

When a business increases the price of an item before it is sold. For example: if a Fridge was bought for £600 and is sold for £800, the markup is £200.

What is the dictionary definition of Markup?

Dictionary Definition

  1. The notation that is used to indicate how text should be displayed.
  2. The percentage or amount by which a seller hikes up his buy-in price when determining his selling price.
  3. An increase in price.

Full Definition of Markup

The difference between the lowest current offering price among dealers and the higher price that a dealer charges to a customer. opposite of markdown.

Examples of Markup in a sentence

You should try and not do too much of a markup on your product if you really want it to sell quickly.

The markup was for a full seventy-five percent. This is why we made sure to never purchase products from them.

The market of food experiences a serious markup when it comes to goods imported from around different countries in the world.

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