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Definition: Market Share

Market Share

Quick Summary of Market Share

The percentage of the total sales of a given type of product or service that are attributable to a given company.

Full Definition of Market Share

Market share, in strategic management and marketing, is the percentage or proportion of the total available market or market segment that is being serviced by a company.

It can be expressed as a company’s sales revenue (from that market) divided by the total sales revenue available in that market. It can also be expressed as a company’s unit sales volume (in a market) divided by the total volume of units sold in that market.

Market share is one of the most common objectives used in business. (Other objectives include return on investment (ROI), return on assets (ROA), and target rate of profit). The main advantage of using market share is that it abstracts from industry-wide macroenvironmental variables such as the state of the economy, or changes in tax policy.

Examples of Market Share in a sentence

We purchased a market share and we were glad because we had never done it before and thought it was a good idea.

You need to do your best to control as much of the market share as you can so that you know you are maximizing your time.

Although our newly invented and advertised product was less successful than we had hoped, I honestly believe we owe all the market shares that we do possess to your hard work.

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