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Definition: Liquidity

Quick Summary of Liquidity

The extent to which a business has access to cash or items which can readily be exchanged for cash.

What is the dictionary definition of Liquidity?

Dictionary Definition

  1. finance The degree of which something is in high supply and demand, making it easily convertible to cash
  2. uncountable The state or property of being liquid.
  3. economics, countable An asset’s property of being able to be sold without affecting its value; the degree to which it can be easily converted into cash.


  • A measure of the extent to which a person or organization has the cash to meet immediate and short-term obligations or assets that can be quickly converted to do this.
  • Accounting: The ability of current assets to meet current liabilities.
  • Investing: The ability to quickly convert an investment portfolio to cash with little or no loss in value.


Full Definition of Liquidity

The level of ease a company has in quickly generating cash by selling assets without losing value. These assets are often called “liquid assets.”


Examples of Liquidity in a sentence

A profitable company will balance long-term investment with short-term liquidity.
Because her company moves most of its profits into various bank accounts, rather than into new equipment or property, it has a high degree of liquidity.

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