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A joint-stock company is a unique entity that resembles a corporation and a partnership, having features of both. Like a corporation, a joint-stock company is made up of shareholders. Under the umbrella of a joint-stock company, all shareholders have unlimited liability, yet the company’s stock is fully transferable. The capital of a joint-stock company is pooled into a common fund formed by individual shareholder contributions. The shareholders of a joint-stock company are free to sell or transfer their shares without requiring the permission or consent of other shareholders. A joint-stock company is managed by an elected Board of Directors on behalf of the shareholders. It is unusual for a shareholder to sit on the board of a joint-stock company. The first joint-stock company was established in 1602 as the Dutch East India Company. Jamestown was also financed by a joint-stock company. While many joint-stock companies still exist, they are considered an unpopular alternative to limited liability entities. The joint-stock company business form has been attributed to a number of fraudulent asset protection schemes.


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