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Fund Manager

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A finance professional who manages a collection (portfolio) of investments, usually for an insurance company, a pension fund business or a professional fund management business which invests money on behalf of clients.

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Dictionary Definition

A fund manager is an employee of a large institution (such as an insurance company or pension fund) who manages the investment of money on its behalf.

Typically, a fund manager is responsible for the assets of a mutual fund through a fund manager can manage other types of funds such as a pension fund or insurance fund.

Full Definition of Fund Manager

A fund manager is an investment professional, who manages the allocation of financial resources in order to achieve optimal fund performance.

The fund manager is responsible for the management of the fund’s investments, for its customer service activities, and for associated functions such as compliance with SEC requirements and by-laws to publish the prospectus, hold an annual meeting, issue proxies, annual reports, and negotiating for services such as broker commissions, research, etc.

A fund manager also carries the responsibility for general fund supervision, as well as monitoring the daily trading activity. Another important aspect of the fund manager position is to sustain the nominal risk of the mutual fund by developing prudent investment strategies. Although in general fund manager professionals are considered by many to be investment experts, selecting the right fund manager remains an important task. A worthy fund manager should have a proven track record of facilitating adequate fund performance and generating returns. A fund manager is sometimes referred to as a portfolio manager.

The fund manager may hire people to carry out these functions or may contract with others to provide all or parts of the service.

As a practical matter, most mutual funds are owned by mutual fund companies who provide many of the services for a fee to the individual mutual funds in their family of funds.

The fund manager is compensated by a management fee paid daily as part of the expense ratio reported for the fund.

In selecting a mutual fund, many advise one to consider the longevity of the fund manager. Recent changes in management imply dissatisfaction with performance or other issues. It may also imply a change in investment strategy. A long-standing fund manager with a good performance record is an asset to a mutual fund.

Many mutual funds name an individual as the fund manager, but most large funds probably have a staff led by the fund manager. The fund manager then is often the investment manager. Some funds are managed by several managers. Some are managed by investment firms.

Synonyms For Fund Manager

hedge-fund, managing funds, funds management, asset manager, investment company, portfolio manager

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