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Definition: Financier

What is the dictionary definition of Financier?

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  1. A person who, as a profession, profits from large financial transactions.
  2. A company that does the same.
  3. One charged with the administration of finance; an officer who administers the public revenue; a treasurer.

Full Definition of Financier

Financier (IPA: /ˌfi năn ˈsjei/) is an elegant term for a person who handles large sums of money, usually involving money lending, financing projects, large-scale investing, or large-scale money management. The term is French and derives from finance, which means payment. The term financier has upscale and haughty connotations, and the image portrayed by the term is typically of a wealthy and powerful person.

A financier today can be someone who makes their living from investments, particularly in investing in up and coming companies and businesses. A financier makes money through this process when his or her investment is paid back with interest or from a certain percentage of the company awarded to them as specified by the business deal. The word financier also is synonymous with someone who handles money in any form, noted especially for his or her skill in doing so. By today’s standards, both a personal accountant and a stockbroker could then be considered financiers.

Job prerequisites

Officially, there are no degrees or schooling needed to be called a financierS as it is a term to describe someone who handles money. Certain financier avenues do require degrees and licenses including stockbrokers, public treasurers, trust fund managers, and accountants. Investing, on the other hand, has no requirements and is open to all by means of the stock market or by word of mouth requests for money.

Types of financiers

Corporate Investor
Trust fund manager

Notable financiers

J. P. Morgan
Haym Solomon

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