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Quick Summary of Expense

An expense is caused by a transaction or event arising during the ordinary activities of the business which causes a decrease in the ownership interest.

What is the dictionary definition of Expense?

Dictionary Definition

n. in business accounting and business taxation, any current cost of operation, such as rent, utilities and payroll, as distinguished from capital expenditure for long-term property and equipment.

  1. A spending or consuming. Often specifically an act of disbursing or spending funds.
  2. That which is expended, laid out, or consumed. Sometimes with the notion of loss or damage to those on whom the expense falls.
  3. obsolete Loss.

Full Definition of Expense

An expenditure which is chargeable against revenue during an accounting period. An expense results in the reduction of an asset. All expenditures are not expenses. For example, a company buys a truck. It trades one asset – cash – to acquire another asset. An expenditure has occurred but no expense is recorded. Only as the truck is depreciated will an expense be recorded. The concept of expense as different from an expenditure is one reason financial reports do not show numbers that represent spendable cash. The distinction between an expenditure and an expense is important in understanding how accounting works and what financial reports mean. (To expense is a verb. It means to charge an expenditure against income when the expenditure occurs. The opposite is to capitalize.)

Synonyms For Expense

cost, expenditure, charge, price, expenses

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