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Engagement is a measure of how actively a customer is using a digital service, normally a website. The more time a user spends on a site, and the more often they come back, the more engaged they are said to be.

Traditional advertising has tended to focus on reach and frequency, that is getting to as many people as often as possible. Online advertising or digital advertising, however, focuses more on reach and engagement. In the digital economy, engagement is a key metric for the health of a brand.

Engagement or more properly Internet engagement measures an individual’s engagement level with a web page content. Some typical engagement measures are listed below.

  • Pageviews for each session
  • Length of each session
  • Return visit, page frequency

The internet-based industry seems to prefer ‘more is better’ philosophy. Hence it strives to increase page views, elongate sessions and promote repeat visits of users. For offline advertising initiatives engagement is measured indirectly, mostly via surveys or other customized research for determining customer reaction to a brand.

Measuring Engagement Online

There are a number of ways to measure engagement, using weblogs.

The following measures are used to measure an individual’s engagement level. We can gauge entire user base engagement by looking at the average, or the averages for each segment:

  1. The amount of time spent on the site, per visit
  2. The number of pageviews consumed with each visit
  3. The average number of visits per user for the time period being measured, usually per month

When looking at the entire user base, we can also measure the percentage of repeat visitors, which is the number of users who visit more than once divided by the total user base.

For email marketing and newsletters, engagement is normally measured by open and click-thru rates.

For other online services, such as messenger usage, music or radio channel subscriptions and subscriptions to feeds and podcasts, engagement would typically be measured by the number of times the service was used per month, and the time spent on that service.

Measuring Offline Engagement

With online interaction, it is possible to measure engagement levels directly. With offline marketing or customer service, engagement can only be measured indirectly.

This will normally be done with surveys or other forms of research designed to measure customer attitudes to a brand and their behaviour in relation to it.

User Engagement

In this age of fast connectivity and information overloading ‘user engagement’ is essential for creating a commercially successful online brand. Creation of a comfortable level of user experience is considered an important task in brand building. This needs to be followed up by traffic augmenting exercise.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts are not considered to be worthwhile if content and presentation, primary ingredients for augmenting user engagement are found to be lacking. Online business ventures need to minimize bounce rate. Put simply the basic idea is to translate visitors into customers who will act as brand ambassadors for a company’s online marketing efforts. [SEO is a process by which a website attains a higher rank in major search engines (like Google, AlltheWeb, AltaVista, MSN Search and Hotbot) when specific words (keywords) are typed by potential visitors.

Some online marketing forums use SEO techniques for lead generation. Yet others use this for creation of ‘sticky’ landing pages. These sticky landing pages, in turn, channelize traffic to their other site(s). There are still others who want to sell off product services at the first go. Whichever reason and whatever path is followed for upping SEO rankings, user engagement and reader retention demand centre stage everywhere.

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