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Definition: Debenture

Quick Summary of Debenture

A written acknowledgement of a debt – a name used for loan financing taken up by a company.

What is the dictionary definition of Debenture?

Dictionary Definition

  1. A certificate that certifies an amount of money owed to someone; a certificate of indebtedness.
  2. obsolete A certificate of a loan made to the government; a government bond.
  3. finance A type of bond secured only by the general credit or promise to pay of the issuer, now commonly issued by large, well-established corporations with adequate credit ratings.


Full Definition of Debenture

debenture is an agreement between a lender and a borrower which is registered at Companies House and lodged against your company’s assets.


Examples of Debenture in a sentence

The issued share and debenture capital of the company as of the 31st Dec 2017 was: – The company has a reserve fund of £4,732,169, the major part of which is invested in the business.
When the money was lent, solicitors drew up the debenture to be signed by all parties representing the financially challenged business and the bank.

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