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Definition: Credit Purchase

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A business entity takes delivery of goods or services and is allowed to make payment at a later date.

What is the dictionary definition of Credit Purchase?

Dictionary Definition

To purchase something with the promise that you will pay in the future.

When buying something on credit, you acquire the item immediately, but you pay for it at a later date.

Another name for credit purchases is to purchase something on account.


Full Definition of Credit Purchase

Credit Purchases in Accounting

When goods or services are bought by a business on account or on credit for reselling later, we can then say that Credit Purchases have taken place in accounting. As with purchases, credit purchases can be used to by goods and services however these are on credit or on the account.

Due to the credit purchase, an account receivable and an account payable are then created. The account payable is the current liability for the buyer, and they will pay the supplier at an agreed later date. The buyer should record it as a Credit Purchase.

From the viewpoint of the supplier, they should record it as an account receivable, it will be considered a current asset (for HMRC purposes they consider accounts receivable a current asset as if it has already been paid), and it should be recorded in Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger.


Examples of Credit Purchase in a sentence

That section provides a detailed analysis of the process that market participants must undertake to enter into a Credit purchase or sales contract with Microsoft.
Payable is a liability that requires the purchaser to make a future payment on credit purchase.

Credit Purchase FAQ's

What is a credit purchase?

A Credit Purchase is where a business buys goods or services and receives them, yet is allowed to pay at a later time.

This is called a Credit Purchase, it is also often referred to as buying something On Account.

What is the difference between cash purchase and credit purchase?

The only difference between a cash purchase and a credit purchase is the timing of the payment.

A cash purchase is a transaction whereby the payment is settled immediately whereas a payment for a credit purchase is settled at a later date.

A Credit Purchase will be considered an Account Receivable by the business that has sold goods or services on credit.

How is credit purchase calculated?

When a business has purchased services or goods on account or on credit it is called a Credit Purchase. How then do we determine the Net Credit Purchases? We use the accounts payable turnover ratio.

This ratio considers the net credit purchases as the same as the COGS (cost of goods sold), add ending inventory, minus the beginning inventory. This number will then become the numerator when using the accounts payable turnover ratio.

The Equation for determining the Net Credit Purchases is below:

Net Credit Purchases= cost of goods sold (COGS)+Ending Inventory – Starting Inventory.

Each business will have its own payment requirement for Credit Purchases.

A low accounts payable turnover ratio is not always indicative of a business having poor debtor practices.

How does credit purchase work?

A Credit Purchase is where a business is able to receive goods or services and pay for them at a later date. It is also referred to as paying on account.

For a Credit Purchase to work you will need to have an agreement between two businesses, that one will provide the other with goods or services and take payment later.

This will be called the accounts receivable for the business that has sold the goods or services and is accepting later payment.

Where do I show Credit Purchases in Accounting?

Credit purchases are displayed either in the Profit and Loss Account or on the Income Statement.

A Credit Purchase should be recorded immediately, even if the cash has not been paid yet.

A Credit Purchase is considered a Contra Expense Accounts, therefore you will need to deduct them from the Total Purchases; because they do not have a balance they are closed at the end of the accounting and are not displayed on the balance sheet.

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