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Quick Summary of Commercialisation

the act of commercializing something; involving something in commerce

Full Definition of Commercialisation

Commercialisation is the process orienting labour away from a public service ethos to the production of commodities and a commercial ethos.

Commercialisation is a kind of “creeping privatisation” which has been at work since the very birth of bourgeois society, and the term has been in common usage for a long time. Recent activities which have been subject to commercialisation include scientific research, artistic and cultural activity, public education and sport.

Scientists find their work subject to commercialisation through the increasing pressure conveyed through “funding mechanisms” to orient activity towards serving commercial rather than human interests, often with corporations funding research on condition that the findings become their own intellectual property.

Sponsors often present themselves as saviours to sporting associations or artists who find their work threatened by shrinking public funds, the rising cost of operations and the difficulty of “competing” with others already in the commercial arena.

Commercialisation is a form of socialisation which ensures the dominance of the interests of capital in a given field of activity.

Examples of Commercialisation in a sentence

My father considered the commercialization of Christmas to be a sacrilege.
The government tried to accelerate the commercialization of this development.
Both companies will retain control over the commercialization of their own products.

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