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A room in which the members of a board meet regularly.

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Dictionary Definition

  1. The room where a group of people (especially the board of a company or organization) conducts its meetings
  2. figuratively corporations or corporate management considered as a section of society

Full Definition of Boardroom

The boardroom is the executive conference room designed as the meeting place for the board of directors of a corporation or partnership. A typical boardroom may comfortably seat twenty, thirty, or even more individuals, despite the fact that the board roster itself is seldom that large. Especially in spoken communication, the word boardroom is also used metaphorically to refer to activities presumed to take place at the board level, whether within the boardroom or not. For instance, a boardroom decision is one that the speaker places responsibility for with the board of directors. Generally, only matters of the highest importance are regarded as boardroom matters, with day to day details of the business being the responsibility of management. Perhaps the most dramatic example is a boardroom coup, which is the ouster of a CEO by the board of directors.

Examples of Boardroom in a sentence

Though the new law is popular among the general public, it is hated in the boardroom.

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