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A statute in draft before it becomes law

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Dictionary Definition

  1. what is commonly called a “check” by which the signer requires the bank to pay a third party a sum of money. This is a holdover from the days when a person would draw up a “bill of exchange.”
  2. a statement of what is owed.
  3. any paper money.
  4. a legislative proposal for enactment of a law. It is called a bill until it is passed and signed, at which time it is a law (statute) and is no longer referred to as a bill.
  5. an old-fashioned term for various filed documents in lawsuits or criminal prosecutions, which is falling into disuse.

Full Definition of Bill

A Bill is a proposed new piece of legislation that will, if it is accepted by Parliament, become a Statute (see: Legislative process). Most Bills are introduced by Government ministers, and these occupy the largest proportion of Parliamentary time. However, sometimes a Private bill or a Private members bill can succeed and become law. Government Bills are usually introduced into Parliament in the form that the Government wishes to see enacted; they are therefore carefully drafted, usually after a period of consultation (see: Formulation of bills).

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