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Definition: Attribute


Quick Summary of Attribute

A feature of a product that makes it distinct or attractive.

What is the dictionary definition of Attribute?

Dictionary Definition

  1. A characteristic or quality of a thing.
  2. A word that qualifies a noun, a qualifier.
  3. That which is predicated or affirmed of a subject; a predicate; an accident.
  4. An option or setting belonging to some object.
  5. A semantic item with which a method or other code element may be decorated.
  6. A numeric value representing the colours of part of the screen display.
  7. To ascribe (something) to a given cause, reason etc.
  8. To associate ownership or authorship of (something) to someone.

Examples of Attribute in a sentence

His finest attribute is his kindness.
This packet has its coherency attribute set to zero.
In the clause My jacket is more expensive than yours, My is the attribute of jacket.
Properties can marked as obsolete with an attribute, which will cause the compiler to generate a warning if they are used.
A file with the read-only attribute set cannot be overwritten.
Once the advertising consultant is completely familiar with the attributes of the product, they will be able to design the print media the company needs.
There are several similar products on the market, so make sure your sales force is able to explain the particular attributes of your company’s offering.

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