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An employee of a bank, brokerage, advisor, or mutual fund who studies companies and makes buy and sell recommendations, often specializing in a single sector or industry. Analysts use a wide variety of techniques for researching and making recommendations. The reports and recommendations they publish are often used by traders, mutual fund managers, portfolio managers, and investors in their decision-making processes.

What is the dictionary definition of Analyst?

Dictionary Definition

  1. Someone who analyzes
  2. mathematics a mathematician who studies real analysis
  3. computing a systems analyst

Full Definition of Analyst

Although the term analyst can be associated with a broad range of definitions, in the financial environment an analyst is an individual that analyzes information and data.

An analyst might be a financial analyst, industry analyst, business analyst, or systems analyst. A financial analyst is also known as a securities analyst, research analyst, investment analyst, or equity analyst. An individual employed as a financial analyst works for an investment house, bank, mutual or pension fund, securities firm, or another business type. A financial analyst examines financial statements, assesses lending risks, and analyzes security prices, sales, tax rates, etc. An industry analyst will study trends within a single industry and formulate future assumptions. Unlike a financial analyst, an industry analyst is more concerned with broader market development rather than individual securities or investments. A business analyst is concerned with the business needs of its clients and individual stakeholders. The primary responsibilities of a business analyst include identifying underlying business problems and recommending solutions. A systems analyst is responsible for the analysis and design of information systems. Frequently a programmer will be referred to as a systems analyst.

Synonyms For Analyst

financial analyst
securities analyst

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