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Definition: Adjustable Life Insurance

Adjustable Life Insurance

Quick Summary of Adjustable Life Insurance

Life insurance for which the policyholder can change the details of the plan, including the face amount, premium, and coverage period.

Full Definition of Adjustable Life Insurance

Adjustable life insurance is a form of life insurance that allows the policyholder to manipulate the coverage plan in various ways. Adjustable life insurance enables the owner to raise or lower the face amount, as well as increase or decrease the insurance premium. As such, the accumulated cash value of the adjustable life insurance policy will also vary. In addition, adjustable life insurance provides the owner with the option to change the period of coverage. By the same token, adjustable life insurance policyholder may also fine-tune the time span of the premium payment. Adjustable life insurance offers just the right amount of coverage for the premium that can be best tolerated. Thus, for all its flexibility, an adjustable life insurance is often a popular choice among consumers. Adjustable life insurance is also known as flexible premium adjustable life insurance.

Examples of Adjustable Life Insurance in a sentence

You may want to try and get some adjustable life insurance so that you can change things as time goes on.

The client expressed interest in having flexibility in their plan so we set him up with the adjustable life insurance plan.

Following the agent’s lengthy presentation of my insurance choices, I opted to go with an adjustable life insurance policy so that I can afford it now and then increase my coverage once I am earning more money.

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