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Definition: Acceleration


Quick Summary of Acceleration

The action of a lender in demanding early repayment when a borrower defaults on a debt.

What is the dictionary definition of Acceleration?

Dictionary Definition

The action of a lender in demanding early repayment when a borrower defaults.

  1. uncountable The act of accelerating, or the state of being accelerated; an increase of motion or action; as opposed to retardation or deceleration.
  2. countable The amount by which a speed or velocity increases (and so a scalar quantity or a vector quantity).
  3. physics The change of velocity with respect to time (can include deceleration or changing direction).

Full Definition of Acceleration

A hastening; a shortening of the time until some event takes place.

A person who has the right to take possession of property at some future time may have that right accelerated if the present holder loses his or her legal right to the property. If a life estate fails for any reason, the remainder is accelerated.

The principle of acceleration can be applied when it becomes clear that one party to a contract is not going to perform his or her obligations. Anticipatory repudiation, or the possibility of a future breach, makes it possible to move the right to remedies back to the time of repudiation rather than to wait for the time when performance would be due and an actual breach would occur.

Synonyms For Acceleration

accelerating, accelerate, expedite, speed up, speeding up

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