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Definition: 408(k) plan

408(k) plan

Quick Summary of 408(k) plan

A simpler alternative to a 401(k) plan available only to companies with 25 or fewer employees, which gives employees the opportunity to make contributions to their SEP accounts with pre-tax dollars and reduce their current year’s net income. also called 408(k) plan. also called Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension (SARSEP) Plan.

Examples of 408(k) plan in a sentence

You may want to try and get a 408 plan so that you know you will be covered in the future.

The 408 plan was a lot better than the 401 k plan because I understood it better and I thought it was a better decision.

Since Joe’s company only had 20 employees, he decided to use a 408 plan instead of a 401(k) as it was both simpler and allowed him to save more money while still providing his employees with benefits.

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