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Definition: Financial Viability

Quick Summary of Financial Viability

The ability to survive on an ongoing basis.

What is the dictionary definition of Financial Viability?

Dictionary Definition

Financial viability refers to an organisations ability to generate sufficient income to meet operating payments, debt commitments and, where applicable, to allow growth while maintaining service levels.

Examples of Financial Viability in a sentence

It was also symbolic of the enterprises ongoing financial viability.
The company faced issues related to its short terms financial viability as well as its long-term development.
Concerns arose when the company became cautious about discussing the financial viability of their new service offering.
The phrase “the financial viability of the channel” was mentioned many times throughout the course of the meeting.
The following considerations were taken into account: effective quality assurance arrangements; financial viability and value for money for the taxpayer.
Its believed that the company (with the right methodology and strategy) will be able overcome it’s immediate fiscal difficulties and will achieve financial viability.
Before they become established, the financial viability of all trusts needs to be investigated.
There is considerable doubt about the financial viability of the trust.
The quarterly review did not bring around any further optimism about the financial viability of this sector.
This new policy imposes economic constraints on both large and small providers, but it is the latter, which are already operating at the limits of their financial viability, which are likely to suffer the most.
We are currently in a process of returning this company to financial viability.
Taking such an aggressive action would significantly damage the financial viability of the company.
This approach had rather significant implications for the financial viability of the company.
With a growing online presence, the financial viability of the NGO grew as well.
As a result of the recent terrorist attacks; Tourism fell significantly, thus further threatening the financial viability of the resort.
The team was responsible for helping board members understand and solve issues related to financial viability.
It’s irresponsible for us as an organisation to risk our financial viability simply on the basis of speculation and conjecture.

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