6 Strategies To Retain And Engage Employees

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6 Strategies To Retain And Engage Employees

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In a recent study from the Energy Project (2013-2014), only 7% of employees have their core needs met at work with slightly over 59% surveyed not having any core needs met. There were four core needs measured in this survey: renewal (physical), value (emotional), focus (mental), and purpose (spiritual). These statistics are staggering given the fact that employees spend approximately 80% of their workweek interfacing with clients. If employees are not growing and being nurtured, can it be expected that they will be able to delight clients by helping them thrive? Attracting top talent continues to be a key component of any company’s strategy.

However, the ways in which top talent is recruited and retained is a hot topic that is largely debated in today’s literature. Too many companies hire good people only to let them flounder once they come aboard.

Quality onboarding practices embrace ideas such as making new hires aware of company history, their specific services that are unique to the marketplace, and intensive job-specific training. Driving high performance, creating a common language across the company, and strong cultural buy-in are essentials in today’s employment landscape.

In the last several years, employee dissatisfaction has become a major hot-button issue for many employers. This is supported by a Kelly Services survey that reports that around 44% of respondents feel valued by their employer, yet they actively are looking for better job opportunities. Employees who are content with their current position are actively seeking greater meaning and engagement from their positions; an attitude and activity that must be nurtured and encouraged.

Here are 6 strategies to increase retention and engagement amongst employees:

  • People want to be valued, cared about, listened to, appreciated, respected, and involved. These values directly relate to basic human needs that, if nurtured, will contribute to an employee that exhibits ‘leadership from the heart’.
  • ‘Face to Face’ appreciation for a job well done carries clout and strengthens workplace relationships. People need to feel that their work is valuable and makes an impact.
  • Create a healthy work environment by committing to positively blend the different generational needs and values of the workforce to leverage their diverse strengths of knowledge and skills towards a productive activity.
  • Set reasonable expectations for work-life balance and affirm them with positive reinforcement and incentives.
  • Communicate company values and strategy often to maximize employee buy-in.
  • Encourage creative out-of-the-box thinking. Let employees know you’re receptive to new ideas.

Your employees directly affect client experience and the bottom line. The moral of the story is if a company does right by the employees, they will do right by the clients, and new business will follow as a consequence. A simple statement that requires a complex approach.