Strategy and Execution in a Business

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Strategy and Execution in a Business

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Every company aims to formulate good strategy and execute a good strategy. But this time it was found that both good policy, bad design or a bad strategy and good execution. Why and how to avoid this?

Let’s start with what is strategy? In simple words, a plan in order to achieve the desired goal or outcome. If any organization has well defined objectives, policies and can develop to achieve them, should be half the battle won. Seen, however, that execution failed. Why is it so? This can be a mistake, a strategy team, or specific factors that are unknown or are not aware suddenly crept in to perform during the implementation of the plan.

What should I do? Ideally the team should consider strategies that form factors as those to be executed, whether the entity has the ability to carry out what, if any changes occur, or unanticipated events as they run, what the risks are, and so on. No strategy is without taking into account the ability of people to be made to run. One can make a big marketing plan, but if the field staff do not understand marketing and start the game, it will not succeed and then blame game started.

Can the company created a team, not only the strategy but is also responsible for the settlement? This is the hiccups so much in the journey. The problem is that know-how. I am a good strategist and not a good converter. You are a bad strategy, but the execution on the ground. What if the arguments are presented by a team of education? All rights such as the creation and maintenance team to implement the strategy in the loop on the process of drawing up the strategy? This creates a number of problems. The view from both teams can so different that no positive results will happen.

I have discussed briefly about the above factors. In real life come more complications, and especially in large organizations to increase the complexity. The only solution for top management is to set goals and talk with everyone. After all of us in the trust, the establishment of a policy and allow all to participate in the formation of strategies. Decide what can be achieved effectively and why it might be achieved. Let the team that is committed to achieve, what will actually achieved and to reward their promises if they achieved at the other side and managed. The synergy between the producer and executor of the strategy will ultimately determine the final outcome.