Managing Global Local Payroll

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Managing Global Local Payroll

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Paying local employees correctly and timely should not be a complex process for your global organization. Payroll Heaven handles all aspects of local payroll payments to your employees in countries all over the world.  Whether your payroll is processed from a central location or within local offices, Payroll Heaven can interface with a single contact or multiple payroll contacts in various offices. Online payslips are available for all clients.  However, if the local government requires paper payslips, Payroll Heaven provides paper slips in the local language. Payroll Heaven manages statutory paperwork for new hires, terminations, payroll, and year-end filings, as needed.  For your local employees, we have the ability to handle the filings or coordinate with your tax preparer.

Integration and Technology

Celergo’s clients leverage our technology to simplify inbound and outbound reporting (HR data in, GL’s out) and have the ability to accept payroll instructions directly to our platform. We have the ability to interface with any HRIS platform as well.

Consolidated Reporting

With all calculations in one system, reporting is simplified. All reports are in a consistent format, allowing you to access the necessary information more readily. This consolidated approach allows you to retrieve highly selective data quickly and easily. Information can also be passed along to your tax provider, accountants or Relocation Company.  Integrated and consolidated reporting provides greater visibility and controls.

Tax and Compliance

Payroll Heaven’s primary concern is to ensure local compliance and provide accuracy for Home, Host, Shadow or Split Payrolls, as well as all Tax Calculations required in each country. We provide cash payments to Local Employees. With Payroll Heaven’s knowledge and expertise in over 140 countries, we understand and adhere to all necessary monthly and year-end tax processes, providing assurance that all components of compensation are included.

Funding Management

Our fund distribution services include payment of net pay and expense reimbursements to employees, tax and social payments to governments, and benefit providers, if necessary.

Celergo has the ability to distribute in every currency.

  • How many currencies are involved in your payroll?
  • Does it include exotic currencies, split payments and offshore jurisdictions?

Our global staffs in Chicago, Budapest and Singapore are experts, and through their vast experience can facilitate any complex international payroll challenge.

Due to our geographical reach, clients may not require local bank accounts, of course, unless required by local law.

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Our local experts handle payroll calculations worldwide.

All you need to do is provide us with the gross payroll changes and we manage the entire process.