How to Manage Your Time Effectively

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How to Manage Your Time Effectively

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We have often observed that people are complaining that they are overburdened with office or business work therefore, they didn’t get time for their other activities which include but not limited to:

  • Family time
  • Exercise
  • Get together with friends
  • Entertainment
  • Learning new skills

The fact is that work is ongoing process that couldn’t be ignored to take out time for other much needed activities to make you and loved ones happy.For the people who have been facing time related issues and they couldn’t maintain work-life balance shall follow the time management techniques to manage their time effectively.  If you are wondering, what are the time management techniques and how to follow it then you have to read this article till last.

Managing time properly is not a rocket science however people who have been facing time related issues and thinks 24 hours are not enough in a day consider it as a complex process.

If you are the victim of time deficiency then let me confess that by applying these steps will surely make your life happy and stress free.

  • Define your vision & mission of your life
  • Define SMART professional & personal objectives  & Goals
  • Work breakdown structures to define activities
  • Prioritize activities
  • Maintain TODO List

Define Vision & Mission of Your Life

The first step is to develop vision & mission of your life.  The vision statement of yourself tells you, what you want to achieve or accomplish in your life and mission statement tells you, the reason of your existence in this world.

Define SMART Professional & Personal Objectives & Goals

There would be no use of Vision & mission until & unless you don’t find the ways to accomplish it.  Therefore, one must define the SMART objectives & goals to support the vision & mission statements of his or her life.

The objectives & goals must be SMART:

  • Specific – Clear enough to be understood
  • Measurable – It could be measurable to track the progress
  • Attainable – Achievable within the constraints; time, resources, budget and etc
  • Relevant – It should be relevant and aligned with your Vision & Mission statement
  • Timely –  Must be associated with time frame; hours, days, months

Work Breakdown Structure to Define Activities

Work break down structures (WBS) is the method or technique of Splitting the goals or objectives into workable activities.
For example: The work break down structure for buying a new car  at the end of this year goal is; Define budget, Search cars within the budget, select car, start savings on monthly basis, search dealers, select dealer, visit dealer,  purchase car.

Prioritize Activities

Since, you have detailed activities list in your hand however, it might be possible that there are too many activities among them some are very important and other are not important. The activities can be prioritizing using Time management grid.

Maintain a TODO List

The last but not the least, maintain a TODO list on regular basis to check whether the activities are getting completed on the specified time. There is a misconception that a TODO list is only maintained for daily task however which is not true.

The TODO list can be maintained for different time periods such as hours, day, week, months and years. Therefore, one should keep the TODO list to remember & track the activities and also it should be updated on regular basis.