Gold: The Characteristics of Gold

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Gold: The Characteristics of Gold

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Gold is an investment with a long record of stability, gold has also been utilized for six thousand years as a means to store wealth and a medium of exchange. The essential reason gold is applied in these ways is the physical attributes that gold has. These physical properties of gold are gold’s ability to divide, combine, and store wealth. A next characteristic is gold’s uniformity. No matter what time or location it was mined, pure gold is always the same quality. A next property is gold’s malleability. Gold is easy to shape and can also be mixed with many other metals.

Gold’s density makes it one of the most difficult metals to counterfeit. One final of the many numerous attributes gold possesses is resistance to corrosion. This is one of the main reasons why gold is applied in the industrial and the jewelry industry. Gold’s resistance to corrosion is one of the reasons why it’s chosen for instruments intended to go through extraordinary environments like outer space. Gold’s resistance to corrosion also is the reason why it is chosen for jewelry that will last the test of time. As an investment gold also has characteristics that make it one of the best investments out there. Gold’s little to no maintenance cost is one of these characteristics.

If an investor has a safe and physical gold, the cost of keeping the gold will be practically nothing. One other quality that makes gold a sound investment is its ease to liquidate. It is common that most businesses that sell gold will usually also buy gold, making gold one of the easiest assets out there to sell. One last characteristic that makes gold one of the greatest investments out there is gold’s intrinsic value and lack of counterparty risk. Other assets like a stock can become worthless overnight if the company was not run correctly or if its goods or services for any reason becomes obsolete; but because of gold’s intrinsic value and its lack of counterparty risk, excluding an act from God, gold is unlikely to become worthless overnight.