Don’t End the Interview with “You’re Hired”

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Don’t End the Interview with “You’re Hired”

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The first advisor you talk with always sounds good; he will be able to answer your questions and handle the concerns that drove you to seek help in the first place. You are likely to spend the most time with the first advisor because the discussion will be new territory for you.

Most advisors I talk with say that they don’t think that the bulk of their clients ever met with someone else. They were hired by the end of the get-acquainted meeting and assume they have gotten the brush-off when a prospective client has to “think it over.” All have had the occasional client washout, when either the advisor or the consumer did not do enough work to make a good match and the relationship dissolved down the road.

No matter what kind of advisor you are looking for, the search and initial meeting should follow a similar pattern.

In Interviewing a Financial Planner, Interviewing a Broker, Interviewing a Money Manager, and Interviewing an Insurance Agent, you’ll find specific questions to ask during an initial interview, covering the unique circumstances of each specialty.

Here, however, are the key elements to be done before, during, and after a first date to plant the seeds for a longer relationship.