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Definition: Zero Cost Collar

Zero Cost Collar

What is the dictionary definition of Zero Cost Collar?

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  • The price of call equals the price of put in a collar. See collars.
  • Is a transaction that has little or zero cash outlay or cost for the initiating person. Often, a security is held and some protection is sought via a hedging transaction. One example, would be the purchase of an out-of-the-money put (debit) and the sale of an out-of-the-money call (credit). Here, the premiums for the debit and credit are nearly the same. Therefore, there would be little or no cost for the person seeking the hedge. However, this position places a cap on the potential reward for holding the underlying asset. Essentially, the protection does not kick in until the price of the underlying instrument goes below the exercise price for the put. Generally speaking, it should be noted that if the hedge occurred with both options at-the-money, then the person replicated a synthetic short against an actual long position. For the latter, the hedge would be considered delta-neutral whereas using two out-of-the-money options, the hedge at the origination would not be delta neutral. Rather, it would be computed as a partial hedge when placed.

Full Definition of Zero Cost Collar

A zero cost collar or zero cost option is an option technique applied to secure a return. Also called “equity risk reversal” a zero-cost collar is a type of positive carry collar. The zero-cost collar is executed by buying a cap and a floor. Zero cost collar option strategies are employed for interest rates, commodities, options, and equities trading. An example of a zero-cost collar option purchase is buying a put and selling a call at a lower strike price. The zero-cost collar works because the sale of the call will cap the return if the underlying falls in price and offsets the purchase of the put. Hedging with zero cost collar options meets FASB 133 derivatives hedging standards if the zero cost collar is written with a single underlying reference asset. Upside risk is still unlimited in a zero-cost collar.

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