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Z Bond

Quick Summary of Z Bond

An investment that gains no interest on the coupon when the bond matures.

What is the dictionary definition of Z Bond?

Dictionary Definition

Also known as an accrual bond or accretion bond; a bond on which interest accretes interest but is not paid currently to the i nvestor but rather is accrued, with accrual added to the principal balance of the Z and becoming payable upon satisfaction of all prior bond classes.

Full Definition of Z Bond

A Z bond (also called an accrual bond) is a type of bond used in some CMOs. It is often the last bond to mature. It pays no interest while the principal is being paid down on earlier bonds. Instead, the interest that would have been paid to the Z bond is instead used to more rapidly pay down the principal on the earlier bonds. Because it accrues interest rather than pay it out, the Z bond is analogous to a zero-coupon bond.

Cash flows for a CMO with three sequential pay bonds followed by a single Z bond are depicted in Exhibit 1. Note that interest payments made by mortgagors during the early years of the CMO are treated as principal payments to the A, B and C bonds. Principal payments made by mortgagors during the later years of the CMO are treated as payments of accrued interest to the Z bond.

Z bonds can be incorporated into a variety of CMO structures. Some CMOs have multiple Z bonds that mature one after another. Multiple Z bonds do not need to be consecutive. A CMO might have an intermediate Z bond and a long maturity Z bond with intervening sequential pay tranches. A CMO might consist entirely of Z bonds.

Synonyms For Z Bond

accrual bond

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Z Bond FAQ's

What Is A Z-Bond?

The tranche in a series of mortgage-backed securities that is the last one to receive payment. The Z-Bond is typically considered a high-risk investment.

As the holder of a Z-Bond, you won’t receive any periodic payments. Instead, you get all the accrued interest paid out in a lump sum.

In the context of collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), a Z-Bond is a bond that pays no coupon payments to the holder as long as the principal is left to be paid on earlier bonds. Instead of paying out interest on the Z-Bond, the money is used to amortize the principal on the earlier series of bonds more quickly. The interest payable on a Z-Bond is added to its principal balance and becomes payable once there are no more payments to make on all the earlier series of bonds.

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