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Definition: Undischarged Bankrupt

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A undischarged bankrupt is a Bankrupt person who is not granted an ‘order of discharge’ by a court.

What is the dictionary definition of Undischarged Bankrupt?

Dictionary Definition

This is a person whose bankruptcy has not yet been discharged.

Such persons may not obtain credit (over £500) without first informing the creditor that they are a undischarged bankrupt, and they may not carry on a business without first disclosing the name under which they became bankrupt.

Undischarged bankrupts may not hold offices such as Justice of the Peace (JP), member of parliament (MP), Mayor or Councillor.


Full Definition of Undischarged Bankrupt

An undischarged bankrupt is a Bankrupt person who is not granted an ‘order of discharge’ by a court.

An undischarged bankrupt is, in general, disqualified from holding certain public and private offices such as that of a member of the legislature or of a director in a firm.


Examples of Undischarged Bankrupt in a sentence

Both Thompson and Rogers attended a hour long board meeting at the club which agreed to dismiss Ashby, an alleged undischarged bankrupt.
Richardson, from Wolverhampton, had denied aiding and abetting Jones (her partner) to take part in the management of the company whilst he was still an undischarged bankrupt.
From 27 April 2014 and until its liquidation; and without leave of the court, he was still acting as the company director and this was is spite of being a undischarged bankrupt.
They had previously stated numerous times that they were not willing open an account for an undischarged bankrupt; however in this case I believe they made an exception.

Synonyms For Undischarged Bankrupt

undischarged, bankrupt who has not restored rights, unfinished, not discharged, virtuous circle

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