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Definition: Privilege

Quick Summary of Privilege

Advantage gained by title, position, or relationship.

What is the dictionary definition of Privilege?

Dictionary Definition

A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

  • An exemption from certain laws granted by the Pope.
  • A particular benefit, advantage, or favor; a right or immunity enjoyed by some but not others; a prerogative, preferential treatment.
  • An especially rare or fortunate opportunity; the good fortune (to do something).
  • The fact of being privileged; the status or existence of (now especially social or economic) benefit or advantage within a given society.
  • A right or immunity enjoyed by a legislative body or its members.
  • A stock market option.
  • A common law doctrine that protects certain communications from being used as evidence in court.
  • An ability to perform an action on the system that can be selectively granted or denied to users; permission.
  • To grant some particular right or exemption to; to invest with a peculiar right or immunity; to authorize; as, to privilege representatives from arrest.
  • To bring or put into a condition of privilege or exemption from evil or danger; to exempt; to deliver.


Examples of Privilege in a sentence

The board’s discussions with the legal team cannot be made public, because they are protected under the attorney-client privilege.
The first fifty people to buy a ticket will have the privilege of shaking hands with the President.
Your honour, my client is not required to answer that; her response is protected by the attorney-client privilege.
All first-year professors here must teach four courses a term, yet you’re only teaching one! What entitled you to such a privilege?

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