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  1. failure to perform an act agreed to, where there is a duty to an individual or the public to act (including omitting to take care) or where it is required by law. Such an omission may give rise to a lawsuit in the same way as a negligent or improper act.
  2. inadvertently leaving out a word, phrase or other language from a contract, deed, judgment or other document. If the parties agree that the omission was due to a mutual mistake, the document may be “reformed,” but this may require a petition for a court order making the correction if it had been relied upon by government authorities or third parties.

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There are few ‘crimes of omission’ in English law. On the whole, failing to prevent harm is not a crime unless there is a legal duty of care. I would not be guilty of any specific offence if I stood by and watched a stranger jump off a cliff, however easy it would be for me to prevent the harm. Cases, where an omission may be an offence, include:

  • wilful refusal to comply with a statutory obligation. An example might be refusing to supply a breath specimen for an alcohol test when the law requires that one does so;
  • not carrying out a duty which is a contractual obligation;
  • failing to exercise a duty of care (e.g., parents for their children), including cases where a duty of care has been assumed (see: Assumed duty of care);
  • where the omission omits to correct a harmful situation caused by the defendant (see: R v Miller (1983)).

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