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What is the dictionary definition of Minor?

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n. someone under legal age, which is generally 18, except for certain purposes such as drinking alcoholic beverages in the US.

Full Definition of Minor

In English law, a minor is any person under the age of 18. On the whole, the legal rights and obligations of minors are the same for minors as for adults.

The following are some of the important differences.

  • Minors cannot vote in elections.
  • A child under 10 years of age has no liability under criminal law.
  • No person under 17 years of age can be sent to prison, although there is a custodial alternative.
  • In many cases, a minor cannot be held to be in breach of contract (see: Contract).
  • A minor cannot own land.
  • In civil cases involving minors, a responsible adult must be appointed as guardian ad litem (see: Guardian ad litem).
  • A minor cannot make a valid will (see: Who can make a will?)
  • A minor cannot hold property from the estate of a deceased person, and will generally become the Beneficial owner of a Trust in such circumstances.
  • There are restrictions on the right to operate motor vehicles.
  • On the whole, minors may not consume alcohol on licensed premises.
  • A person of 16-17 years of age may marry, but there are some restrictions

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