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Definition: Immunity

Quick Summary of Immunity

the state of not being susceptible

What is the dictionary definition of Immunity?

Dictionary Definition

1. The state of being insusceptible to something; notably:
1. Medicine Fully protective resistance against infection.
Some people have better immunity to diseases than others.
2. Law An exemption from specified duties, such as payments or services.
Feudal privileges often included tax and other immunities.
3. Law An exemption from prosecution.
The prosecutor offered the lieutenant immunity for all the crimes he would testify having known to be planned by the elusive drug baron.
4. In games and competitions An exemption given to a player from losing or being withdrawn from play.
After winning the last round the player was granted immunity which allowed him to stay in the game even after receiving the least amount of points.
2. A resistance to a specific thing.

Full Definition of Immunity

Immunity is offered to some witnesses and exempts them from legal prosecution. Generally, immunity is offered in exchange for information which may be garnered through self-incriminating testimony. If a criminal is offered prosecutorial immunity they generally cannot be prosecuted if they provide testimony in a criminal case. This is most commonly used for witnesses who are minor criminals in a more elaborate conspiracy ring and their testimony may bring down the “ringleaders.” Criminals are not granted legal immunity for future crimes after their trial, only past crimes.

Diplomats are also sometimes offered legal immunity called diplomatic immunity and are not brought to trial or charged with crimes related to their job as a diplomat. Exceptions exist if a diplomat commits some types of crimes such as murder. Consider, there are many different types of legal immunity. Talk to a criminal lawyer if you have questions about your right to immunity in a criminal case.

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