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What is the dictionary definition of Forgery?

Dictionary Definition

n. 1) the crime of creating a false document, altering a document, or writing a false signature for the illegal benefit of the person making the forgery. This includes improperly filling in a blank document, like an automobile purchase contract, over a buyer’s signature, with the terms different from those agreed. It does not include such innocent representation as a staff member autographing photos of politicians or movie stars. While similar to forgery, counterfeiting refers to the creation of phoney money, stock certificates or bonds which are negotiable for cash. 2) a document or signature falsely created or altered.

  1. The act of forging metal into shape.
  2. The act of forging, fabricating, or producing falsely; especially the crime of fraudulently making or altering a writing or signature purporting to be made by another, the false making or material alteration of or addition to a written instrument for the purpose of deceit and fraud.
  3. That which is forged, fabricated, falsely devised or counterfeited.
  4. An invention, creation.

Full Definition of Forgery

Forgery is the use of a ‘false instrument’ to induce another to act to his disadvantage, as described by the (Forgery and counterfeiting act (1981)). A false instrument is one that misleads about itself, e.g., a forged cheque, rather than a document that contains false information.

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The forgery of a bond

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