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Quick Summary of Estate

everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities

What is the dictionary definition of Estate?

Dictionary Definition


  1. all that one owns in real estate and other assets.
  2. commonly, all the possessions of one who has died and are subject to probate (administration supervised by the court) and distribution to heirs and beneficiaries, all the possessions which a guardian manages for a ward (young person requiring protection and administration of affairs), or assets a conservator manages for a conservatee (a person whose physical or mental lack of competence requires administration of his/her affairs).
  3. an alternative term for real property interest which is used in conjunction with another defining word, like “life estate,” “estate for years,” or “real estate.

Full Definition of Estate

All assets owned by an individual at death, to be distributed according to the individual’s will (or a court ruling if there is no will).

Examples of Estate in a sentence

His children had a lengthy court battle over who would get the vacation home he left as part of his estate.

The auctioneer told us all to meet at the estate to look around and place silent bids on items if we wished to do so.

Although Mary’s will explicitly stated that the remains of her estate were to be divided equally among her four children, they decided that they would just have an estate sale rather than sort through their mother’s house.

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