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Definition: Downturn

Quick Summary of Downturn

A decline in profitability or business activity.

What is the dictionary definition of Downturn?

Dictionary Definition

A downward trend, or the beginnings of one; a decline.

Full Definition of Downturn

A downturn is a worsening of business or economic activity. It may be related to a decline in a stock market, economic cycle, or corporate profits. A downturn may refer to a market, industry or corporation, but generally, it refers to economic conditions at large. A major downturn in a stock market is referred to as a bear market. An economic downturn may be a part of or precede a larger recession, however, a downturn does not necessarily signify prolonged negative growth. Some may consider a downturn a correction to normal operating levels of business, such as the downturn that followed the tech bubble burst in the late 1990s after a decade-long bull market had led to unusually high stock valuations.

Examples of Downturn in a sentence

Many businesses experience seasonal downturns that cause them to cut back on spending and lay off employees.
The downturn in business-class air travel in the past few years has directly impacted many sectors of the market, not just the airlines themselves.

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