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Disability insurance is an insurance policy that pays supplemental income benefits in the event that the insured person (policyholder) becomes incapable of working his or her job. The incapacity that necessitates disability insurance may be illness, accident, or another trigger; the policy spells out what constitutes a trigger. Benefits from a disability insurance policy will vary according to the coverage selected, as will the definition of disability; policyholders usually aim to receive enough benefits from their disability insurance to let them continue their standard of living and meet their usual expenses. Although Social Security provides a form of disability insurance, it is much more difficult to meet its requirements for disability than it is with a private disability insurance policy.

In the US, Disability Insurance (also known as Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI) is awarded by the SSA to workers who are disabled for 12 continuous months with a severe health condition which does not allow them to work. SSDI recipients must have sufficient work credits to be insured for SSDI benefits. Work credits are earned by working and paying employment taxes to the Federal Government. SSA disability benefits are not provided for short-term or partial disabilities.

Disability insurance may also be provided by employers to their workers and can include long-term and short-term disability benefits. The Veteran’s Administration also provides disability insurance to disabled veterans. If a veteran has been injured or has had a condition exacerbated by military service they may be awarded VA disability. VA disability is offered for partial disabilities and may be received at the same time a disabled worker is getting SSDI benefits from the SSA.

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