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A corporate scandal is a scandal involving allegations of unethical behaviour by people acting within or on behalf of a corporation. A corporate scandal sometimes involves accounting fraud of some sort. A wave of such scandals swept United States companies in 2002 (accounting scandals of 2002).

List Of Corporate Scandals

  • 2006 HP Spying Scandal
  • Adelphia scandal
  • BAE Systems bribery scandal in Saudi Arabia (Al Yamamah contract)
  • Bre-X scandal
  • Clearstream, which has been qualified as “the greatest financial scandal in Luxembourg” (Clearstream is a clearinghouse, i.e. sort of a “bank of banks”, used to centralize credit & debit between banks and other financial organizations).
  • Compass Group, bribed the United Nations in order to win business.
  • Enron accounting fraud, involving Arthur Andersen
  • Exxon overreporting of oil reserves
  • Fannie Mae underreporting of profit
  • Firestone Tire and Rubber Company for the use of child labour
  • Ford Pinto scandal
  • Guinness affair
  • Hafskip’s collapse
  • Halliburton overcharging government contracts
  • Harken Energy Scandal
  • Lernout & Hauspie accounting fraud
  • Lockheed bribery scandal in Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands
  • MG Rover Group accounts and pensions scandal
  • Morrison-Knudsen scandal Led to William Agee’s ouster
  • Nortel executives overstate post-dot-com recovery earnings in order to earn bonuses
  • One.Tel collapse
  • Options backdating involving over 100 companies
  • Parmalat accounting scandal & mutual fund fraud
  • Phar-Mor company lied to shareholders. CEO eventually sentenced to prison for fraud and the company eventually became bankrupt.
  • RadioShack CEO David Edmondson lied about attaining a B.A. degree from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California
  • Refco, Inc. commodities & futures scandal involving hidden debts involving underwriting firms Credit Suisse First Boston, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Corp.
  • Rite Aid accounting fraud
  • Royal Dutch Shell overstated its oil reserves twice, it downgraded 3.9 billion barrels or about 20 per cent of its total holdings.
  • Salad oil scandal, where millions in loans were obtained on largely nonexistent inventories of salad oil
  • Tyco International
  • Worldcom
  • Xerox alleged accounting irregularities involving auditor KPMG, causing restatement of financial results for the years 1997 through 2000 and fines for both companies.
  • David Wittig scandal

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